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Head 21 Junior Joy SLR Pro + SLR 7.5

$250.00 CAD

  • Frontside skis are narrow for carving on-trail
  • Narrow - ideal for on-trail, hardpack & groomed conditions
  • Soft - easy skiing with comfort, not power
  • Tip Rocker/Camber skis for edge hold; easy turn initiation
Get your little lady on a ski that she can continue to progress and learn on with the Head Joy Kids Skis. The Joy is a great learning tool with Synthetic which will be easy to maneuver and extremely flexible for those young ones still learning to flex into the ski. Tons of durability with the Joy with the Jr. Power Frame provides structural strength for solid edge support as your young cruises the groomers. Help your little one get into the world of skiing with the Head Joy Kids Jr. Skis.

  • Synthetic Core- is a lightweight synthetic core offering a good mix of flexibility and rigidity.
  • ERA 2.0- blends the Junior Rocker and Sidecut to work in harmony for stable edge control and precise steering.
  • Jr. Power Frame- supports the edges of the ski giving structural strength while maintaining its lightweight feel.

HEAD 950163 21 Joy SLR Pro + SLR 7.5