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Nahak CDT-101 Double Training Belt

Nahak CDT-101 Double Training Belt

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Nahak canicross and skijoring double traction belt stands out for its remarkable comfort. It is perfect for canicross and hiking with your dog.

The belt design distributes the pulling force of the dog on the buttocks rather than on the waist as the simple traction belt does.

The adjustable legs & waist straps and the net fabric area offer great stability. Also, the traction strap located at the hips allows to adjust the the belt so it’s suited to your body.

You can personalize your belt to your liking with the removable pouch (optional) and bottle holder (optional).

A reflective band is placed on the belt to provide maximum visibility in the dark.

Made of waterproof and highly durable fabrics.

– Never use with more than two dogs –