The Bagel Run - Free Monthly Community Run!

Join Us - Running, Bagels, and Friends!

We all know solo training is tough, so let’s make it a little easier by getting the community together and sharing some time on the roads with like-minded folk. Group run departing from Aerobics First at 8:00am. Start from the store for a run of roughly 30min, 60min, or 90 minutes (yes, “long” run is relative!). Route suggestions provided but not mandatory. If you’re new to the city or new to running, please check in with Peter our Run Leader before the start! Warm up with some coffee and treats after you’re back from the run while chatting with friends old and new!

BEGINNER GROUP: New to running or new to the city? Jump in with our 5K guided route with run leaders and sweepers - no one gets left behind!

The store will be open for retail sales for a limited time after the run concludes. Need a few gels or a new pair of socks for next week’s long run? We’ve got you covered.

Event & Route info available on our Aerobics First Strava Club page.


Upcoming Dates:

April 14 @ 8 AM

May 5 @ 8 AM

June 2 @ 8 AM

July 14 @ 8 AM

August 18 @ 8 AM