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Asics Men's Leg Balance 2 Tight *SALE*

$79.99 CAD $100.00 CAD

When heading out for a run, you need the right running tights to provide you with support, comfort and confidence. Introducing the all-new LEG BALANCE™ 2 running tights for men from ASICS. Boasting updated Core & Leg Balance technologies with added calf support, these are the fitness tights that you can count on to help you run further and faster than ever before.

Regardless of whether you run in the gym on the treadmill or out on the streets, the goal is to make the most of your training session. These men's running tights have been designed precisely for this purpose. Featuring power mesh compression paneling, these tights allow you to feel energetic for longer.

Other features include an internal drop in pocket for storing your cell phone and your keys, reflectivity at the calves for improved visibility and reflective ASICS branding so that you can wear them with pride!

ASICS 2011A321 M Leg Balance 2 Tight