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Life Sport Breeze Eco Armband

$22.99 CAD

The Breeze ECO armband is designed to be the perfect accessory to your runs. Made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) and spandex, it fits comfortably around your arm no matter how you move. Your music will easily follow you through your training without extra effort!

▸ 87% rPET polyester (100% recycled polyester) and 13% Spandex
▸ Certified by Global Recycled Standard
▸ Clear window for touch screen access
▸ Fingerprint unlock
▸ 5 earphone wire holes
▸ One size adjustable armband length
▸ Reflective logo and trim
▸ Water resistant material
▸ Fits most phone sizes
▸ Key pocket



LIFE LS-ECO-BRZ Breeze ECO Armband