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Nahak LB-102 Bungee Line

$35.00 CAD
Neon Pink

Our bungee line length is 1m25 and is perfect for canicross or hiking with your dog.

It comes with a Nahak sports carabiner so you can easily attach it to your belt and at the other end a bronze snap allow you to attach it to the dog’s harness. A handle is placed at its middle to make its manipulation easier.

To suits your needs, our bungee line length can be adjusted by adding a bungee line extension so you can practice bikejoring or skijoring safely with your dog. When adding two bungee line extensions it is possible to harness two dogs side by side. In this case the use of a neckline can be interesting to link their collars.

A protective slipcover surrounding the bungee section allows customization of the color.

* Do not harness more than two dogs to the bungee line.