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Rossignol BC 65 Positrack Cross Country Skis w/ Bc Auto Touring Bindings

$419.99 CAD


  • Sidecut: 65/53/60
  • Weight: 880 Grams
  • Positrack Base
  • Active Cap Construction
  • Wood/Air Core
  • BC Auto Bindings
  • Ability Level: Intermediate and Advanced Skiers


The Rossignol BC 65 skis with bindings are an amazing option for skiers looking for adventure and fun without a ton of gear. Built for both in and out of bounds Nordic skiing, the BC 65 features a Wood Air Core and a Positrack Base. Holding it all in one cohesive unit is the Active Cap Construction that makes for a consistent ski from tip to tail. When paired with a BC binding, you'll be able to cover a lot of distance and over a variety of terrain. The BC 65 skis with bindings have a great shape for all-around adventure and fun. With a 65 mm tip and a 53 mm waist, you'll be able to get a good amount of purchase while side-hilling or down-hilling. The metal edge grips tight to pretty much any type of snow, and this will give you a ton of confidence when negotiating tricky terrain. Also helping to hold you close to the snow is the Positrack base that grips the snow safely and securely, creating a comfortable and fun atmosphere while you're out in the winter woods. Weighing 880 grams, the skis have a nice and solid feel to them, and the edges really make the whole thing fly. For intermediate and advanced skiers who are looking to get out there and explore and break fresh ground, the Rossignol BC 65 skis with BC Auto bindings are a superb choice. You'll be blown away with their well-rounded nature and propensity for fun.




ROS RHIWC18 BC 65 Positrack