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Salomon Lo Fi Photo Goggles - Huck/AW Blue

$169.00 CAD

A high-performance goggle with a sleek yet progressive style, it features a clean design and cool textures. Salomon's Custom ID Fit technology ensures instant comfort, while the amplified field of vision allows you to see as much terrain as possible.



  • The Custom ID Fit ensures your goggles instantly adjust to precisely fit the shape of your face, so you can enjoy increased comfort.
  • Photochromic technology
  • The lens responds to changing light conditions by dynamically adjusting the level of tint, so you can use one pair of goggles and enjoy good visibility in all conditions.
  • Amplified field of vision
  • The A-cut shape of the frame offers a wider field of vision and provides more visibility downward, where you want it most.



    SAL L41484400 Lo Fi Photo Huck/AW Blu