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Salomon Junior Pioneer LT - Estate Blue

$119.00 CAD

Salomon’s PIONEER LT JR is a low-profile, sporty helmet that fits young skiers so well they instantly forget it’s on. Designed to offer outstanding protection without compromising hearing or adding unnecessary weight to the head, it features the innovative twICEme® technology, so all your important medical info is easily accessible in an emergency.



This extremely lightweight helmet stores relevant medical data on an NFC chip accessible via the twICEme® app, so you can benefit from state-of-the-art comfort and safety.

Optimal comfort

The MaxFit construction located around the ear pads offers instant comfort and better-quality hearing, simply twist the Custom Dial knob and further fine-tune the tightness.

A sporty, performance inspired look

A low profile and exciting color options make this helmet the perfect match to young skiers’ ski equipment, so they can feel good and look good on the slopes.



SAL L41526500 Jr Pioneer LT Estate Blue