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Tecnica Firebird R 70 SC Junior Race Boots

$449.95 CAD

The Firebird R 70 SC (Short-Cuff) offers true race performance for the youngest, smallest racers who are just tapping into their potential. Featuring a shorter cuff and our softest race flex, the junior racer can access all the power this boot has to offer. Designed for the junior anatomy, a racer can focus on the fundamentals and gain the skills that will serve them throughout their skiing days. This boot dishes up power, support and stability for maximum performance and, just as importantly, maximum fun. Buckle up, kiddos. There is no speed limit.
  • Soles: ISO 5355
  • Shell: PU
  • Cuff: PU - Short cuff
  • Liner: RACE DEPT.
  • Buckles: 4 micro ALU
  • Powerstrap: 35mm power strap
  • Canting: Double canting screwed



TEC 10189300D55 Firebird R 70 SC