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Yanky Mask It - Face Cover/Mask

$20.00 CAD
Lt Blue

The Yanky mask is lightweight, breathable, and washable and uses elastic straps around the head and neck areas to ensure a snug fit around the face.


Adult Small: fits faces 9.5 inches from ear to ear; 4.5 inches from bridge of nose to chin.

Adult Large: fits faces 9.5 inches from ear to ear; 5.5 inches from bridge of nose to chin.

Product Description:

Our masks are made of three layers of cotton fabric and exceed CDC recommendations for non-medical grade personal masks. Outward facing and middle layers are tightly woven 100% cotton (most are organic cotton) while the third layer provides antimicrobial properties in a soft bamboo/organic cotton jersey knit (70% / 30% respectively) against your face for protective comfort.

An opening between the cotton and jersey layers allows the wearer to insert an additional single-use filter inside the mask if they wish, like a HEPA vacuum bag filter, paper towel, coffee filter, or additional fabric.


Wash your hands before applying the mask to your face, again after removing the mask, and launder the mask after every wear.

Remember to adhere to physical distancing, frequent hand washing, and avoid touching your face while wearing the mask. 


Two layers of tightly knit 100% cotton, outward facing and middle layers; soft cotton jersey knit against your face is 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton (bamboo contains natural antimicrobial properties)



YANK Mask It Face Cover/Mask