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Zeal Lookout Ski Goggle - Fog/Polar Jade

$299.00 CAD

Zeal Optics has united its patented Rail Lock System (//RLs) and award-winning Observation Deck Technology (ODT) in the revolutionary Lookout goggle to elevate your vision and experience on the mountain. The dual sliding rail system guides, slides and locks your lens into place simply and securely, while the ODT frame's pantoscopic tilt and low profile expand your vertical field of view by 20%, allowing you to see every inch of the line below you.


Lens Color: Polarized Jade Mirror w/ Sky Blue Mirror - Never jaded, Jade Mirror is your rose-colored outlook for variable days. When others see clouds, see possibilities. This option also includes a bonus Sky Blue Mirror for the snowiest days and night




ZEAL 12066 Lookout Fog Polar Jade