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Custom Fitting Ski Boots - What You Need To Know

Whether your boots are brand new, old or just plain hurt your feet; they can likely be adjusted to improve fit, feel and performance. There are many ways to make boots fit better, but in most cases in order to fix the cause of ill-fitting boots we need to first look at your feet. Despite what many believe to be the norm; ski boots aren’t supposed to be cold and uncomfortable and they definitely shouldn’t hurt. They are supposed to be snug, but they shouldn’t cause pain or have you cursing the name of the person that sold them to you every time you put them on. Footbeds are the foundation of any good fitting ski boot. By providing support...

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How Your Shoes Should Fit

Here's 3 simple steps to ensure you're getting the best size for you: 1) Thumb width length from end of longest toe, to end of shoe. 2) Roughly two finger's width between lace eyelets on top of the shoe. 3) Forefoot is not bulging out over the edges of the shoe. Once you lace the shoes up, you should feel comfortable and secure in the shoe, with space to wiggle your toes (as if you can play the piano with them!). You should have roughly a thumb width of space from the end of your longest toe, to the end of the shoe. There should be no major bulging along the sides of the shoe. The laces should be as loose as...

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