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Ski and Snowboard Tech Services

The Ski Tech Shop at Aerobics First is a haven for ski enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled level of expertise and service in ski equipment maintenance and customization.

Our shop stands out for its advanced technological capabilities and a team of highly skilled technicians. We understand that well-maintained equipment is crucial for the best skiing experience, whether you're carving down groomed slopes or tackling backcountry terrain.

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Tuning and Repair Services

Edge and Wax  |  $50

Side and base edge sharpen with a roll on base wax. 

Ski / Board Full Tune  |  $50

Stone base grind to remove debris, flatten and smooth bases.
Side and edge belt sharpen to specific angles ( 88º /1")
Roll on universal base wax (Upgrade to Hot Wax +$10)

Performance Tune  |  $70

Recommended for Race Skis
Ceramic edge sharpen for the most precise angle. Choose your preferred base/side angle.
Stone base grind and sidewall trime
Hot wax with choice of temperature

Junior Full Tune  |  $40

Ski & Boards sized 130cm or shorter
Stone base grind to remove debris, flatten and smooth bases.
Side and edge belt sharpen.

Major Restoration  |  $65

For skis and snowboard with extensive scratches and damage.
Includes a full tune with additional rough belt base grind and P-tex base repair

Roll On Wax  |  $10

Universal temperature base wax.

Hot Wax  |  $20

Iron on wax and brush by hand for better base penetration and longer lasting glide.
Choose your air temperature:
Green (-11 and colder)
Red (-6 to -11)
Yellow (-5 and warmer)

Tuning and Repair Services

Adjustment / Inspection  |  $20

Track Install  |  $30

Flat Mount  |  $50

Re-Mount  |  $55

Install (w/o Template)  |  $60

Stripped Hole Repair  |  $5 each

Full Tune Add-ons

P-Tex Repair (Minor) - $10
P-Tex Repair (Major) - $15
Base Patch - $25
For major base damange there core is exposed
Rust Removal - $10
For badly rusted skis and snowboard

Other Services

Delamination Repair - $30
Base Grind - $20
Sidewall Plane - $20


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