Your Guide to Getting the Correct Shoe Fit Online

Buying shoes online? Here's 3 simple steps to ensure you're getting the right shoe size:


  1. While standing, outline both feet (barefoot) on a piece of blank paper (you may have to tape two sheets together).
  2. Take a ruler, and measure in centimeters from the center back of the heel to the furthest point away. This is typically the big toe, but be careful, it might be your second toe!
  3. Use the size charts below to check what your FOOT size in US sizing would be based on your measurement in centimeters - then GO UP 0.5 - 1.5 US SHOE sizes.


Yes, your SHOE size will be slightly larger than than your FOOT size.


You should always size UP at least a 0.5 US size from what you measured, and often a 1.0 US size up, depending on your use and preferences. 

If you are spending a lot of time in the shoes, we recommend a 1.0 US size up. For the proper running shoe fit for precise movements like technical trail running, or for an indoor cross trainer, a 0.5 US size up may work for you for a more snug fit.

Depending on personal preferences and when switching between different versions/brands of shoes, it is not uncommon for someone to even size up by a full 1.5 US sizes. If you have a slightly wider foot, you may need a wider width than the standard B width (ladies) or D width (men's).

Remember, just like clothing, shoe sizes are NOT standardized. If in doubt, visit us at our store in Halifax to get fitted by one of our expert shoe fitters. 


Use this chart to find you correct shoe size: Take the length of your foot in centimeters, from the center back of the heel, to the end of the longest toe. Then ADD 0.5-1.5 sizes based on preferences, use and desired fit.

CM US Women's Sizes US Men's Sizes
20.8 4
21.3 4.5
21.6 5
22.2 5.5
22.5 6
23 6.5
23.5 7 6
23.8 7.5 6.5
24.1 8 7
24.6 8.5 7.5
25.1 9 8
25.4 9.5 8.5
25.9 10 9
26.2 10.5 9.5
26.7 11 10
27.1 11.5 10.5
27.6 12 11
28.3 11.5
28.6 12
29.4 13
30.2 14
31 15
31.8 16


Now that you know your shoe size, you are ready to place your order.

We offer 14 day, no questions asked, returns on online purchases. All we require is the shoe to be unworn and undamaged (along with its box). If you require a more flexible return policy, we invite you to to visit us in store, get fitted by one of our expert shoe fitters, and receive our In-Store only Guaranteed Fit Shoe Policy.


Once you've received your online shoe order, check to ensure they fit.

Good Fit:

Bad Fit:

Here's 3 simple checks to know how your shoes should fit:


  1. There's a thumb-width length from end of longest toe, to end of shoe.
  2. There's roughly two finger's width between lace eyelets on top of the shoe.
  3. The forefoot is not bulging out over the edges of the shoe.


Once you lace the shoes up, you should feel comfortable and secure in the shoe, with space to wiggle your toes (as if you can play the piano with them!). You should have roughly a thumb width of space from the end of your longest toe, to the end of the shoe. There should be no major bulging along the sides of the shoe.

The laces should be as loose as you can snugly tie them. You should not feel any pain, or uncomfortable spots in the shoe. A little bit of heel slip when you walk or run is okay, and encouraged, as a sign of proper foot function.

Within a week or two, the shoe should start to flex appropriately with your foot and the heel slipping should subside. If the slipping does not subside, try lacing the shoe with all the available eyelets or visit us in store to get fitted by one of our expert shoe fitters.


When in doubt, visit us in-store at 6166 Quinpool Rd., Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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