Custom Fitted Ski Boots - What You Need To Know

Whether your boots are brand new, old or just plain hurt your feet; they can likely be adjusted to improve fit, feel and performance. There are many ways to make boots fit better, but in most cases in order to fix the cause of ill-fitting boots we need to first look at your feet. Despite what many believe to be the norm; ski boots aren’t supposed to be cold and uncomfortable and they definitely shouldn’t hurt. They are supposed to be snug, but they shouldn’t cause pain or have you cursing the name of the person that sold them to you every time you put them on

Footbeds are the foundation of any good fitting ski boot. By providing support for your feet and cradling  your heel, footbeds allow your feet to be much more comfortable, less fatigued and in many cases warmer.

For some people, an off the shelf (trim-to-fit) footbed provides adequate support and is a sensible and inexpensive addition to improve the fit and comfort of ski boots.

But the absolute best gift you can give to your feet and boots is a custom-made set of footbeds. They provide proper individualised support and align your foot so that you can ski  in your boots in a relaxed and neutral position. They provide unparalleled comfort and performance for every level of skier.

If necessary, it’s also possible to  make adjustments to the physical shape of the boot. We can stretch, punch and grind the plastic of boots to make extra space for bony protrusions or tight spots. We can also add material like ankle padding and shims to make boots tighter and more secure.

While we can adjust boots to make them more comfortable, nothing beats being in the best fitting boot possible. We carry a huge selection of ski boots in every flex and last (width) for just this reason. Every pair of feet is different, and spending time to choose the correct boot for you is crucial.


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