Skiing: A Fun Way for Kids to Exercise and Learn Important Life Skills | Junior Ski Exchange Program

Skiing: A Fun Way for Kids to Exercise and Learn Important Life Skills | Junior Ski Exchange Program

Skiing is an exciting winter activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Unfortunately, the cost of ski equipment can be a barrier for many families looking to enjoy this fun winter sport together. Kids tend to outgrow their ski gear quickly, which can be quite costly if you’re constantly upgrading your child’s skis, poles, boots and bindings each season.  That’s why Aerobics First is proud to offer our Junior Ski Exchange Program, equipping kids with safe, reliable equipment at an affordable price. But before we get into more about the program, let’s look at why skiing is a great activity for kids of all ages.

Physical Benefits of Skiing for Children

Skiing provides a great opportunity for children to develop a host of physical skills. From the second they clip into their bindings, they’re faced with learning better balance and coordination as they adjust to reduced friction and their newly attached skis; they develop agility and as they navigate changes in direction and speed, and they improve their endurance and cardiovascular health by being physically active. As an outdoor sport, kids also enjoy the benefits of fresh air and an opportunity to soak in what limited amount of vitamin D might be available on a winter's day.

Mental Benefits of Skiing for Children

In addition to the physical benefits, skiing offers many mental benefits for kids as well. For starters, it gives them the opportunity to explore their capabilities and gain self-confidence as they problem solve while learning. They become more aware of their body’s movements and develop a better understanding of coordination and control. Becoming proficient in a new sport or activity also encourages mindfulness as they learn how to focus on the task at hand and improve concentration. Maneuvering down the slopes encourages kids to stay active in the wintertime while still enjoying themselves outdoors in a fun and constructive manner. Furthermore, skiing offers plenty of opportunities for socialization with friends and family members as they tackle trails together. 

Group of Children learning to Ski - by Maxwell Ingham on Upsplash

Common pitfalls when trying to save money at the slopes

With all these great benefits, it’s no wonder skiing is a popular winter activity for all ages. But the price to upgrade your child’s ski equipment as they grow adds up fast. Many parents will look for ways to save money by relying on rentals or scouring online for used equipment. While rentals may solve the size issue, it is a hassle to rent each time you hit the slopes and the cost still accumulates quickly. 

When it comes to buying second hand, there is a lot of variation in the condition of used equipment. It can be difficult to determine if second-hand skis have been subject to any form of damage or trauma. This can lead to additional costs for repairs and adjustment, or at worse prove to be unfit or dangerous for use. Mixing equipment can mean boots and bindings don’t always fit properly. In some cases, older ski bindings no longer meet safety regulations and cannot be adjusted by certified ski technicians. 

Gear up with Aerobics First’s Junior Exchange Program

That's why Aerobics First is pleased to offer our Junior Ski Exchange Program, providing safe, reliable and affordable equipment so your kids can hit the slopes with confidence. When your child enrols in the Junior Ski Exchange program, we outfit them with a completely new equipment package that includes skis, bindings, boots and poles. Your child keeps the equipment until either the skis or boots no longer fit, then they can then trade it in for reconditioned, used equipment for a small trade-up fee. All of our used equipment is inspected for safety and tuned by our qualified ski technicians so you can skip the hassle of renting and the uncertainty of buying second-hand.

Your child graduates from the program once they need to be fit into adult equipment (25.5cm Boot / approx Mens size US7 and 150cm ski). At the time of graduating from the program you will receive an in-store credit to put towards the purchase of your child’s first set of adult equipment.

If you have a young skier in your family, be sure to check out the Junior Exchange Program! To guarantee a spot on the floor with one of our ski staff, be sure to book an appointment ahead of time.  

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