Our History

Our History

Aerobics First has been here since 1980

Aerobics First opens in 300 square feet in the building we still live in, at 6166 Quinpool Road. In 1980, running shoes are a new trending item, and we are one of the first to sell them in Atlantic Canada. We are right there with Bill Bowerman and the Nike waffle trainer…
Some things have not really changed…

- We still believe in putting aerobics (health and fitness) first (in an important place) in ones life.

- We still want to encourage, support and help others do it, even though now we do not spend our every weekend putting on races and events.

- We still are passionate learners… seeking the best, the newest, most innovative and value driven product for our customers.

- We still value our customers as friends, and community, and seek to offer the best of ourselves daily.

- We still wonder at the amazing quality of staff that work with us; some stay longer than others, but all contribute in immeasurable ways. We estimate in 38 years, we have employed around 500 full and part time people; we are still successful because we have had the best as part of our team.

We run and we ski, and we put on events- the ‘82, ’83 and ‘84 Aerobic Run Series, the AF Triathlon, the Terry Fox Run… we try selling bicycles, tennis racquets, surfboards, in addition to our Footwear and Ski business. We even manage to manufacture running suits (a desired vintage item in these parts today) on the second floor of our newly-purchased building. We are young, brave, and determined!

Some things have changed a bit…

- We live in the entire building now. As we grow, we can say we have never once not been thrilled to be part of the Quinpool Road Business District. We are clearly and permanently planted on Quinpool!

We are committed to:
- Fitting feet and footwear
- Developing our feet expertise more in ski boot fitting.

Our customer base is wider and more varied than in 1980… kids who run and ski, as young as 3… in fact we are now serving the children and even grand kids of our first customers, athletes and late bloomers, who are just starting, skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities, and the elderly and disabled, whose feet need our expertise.

We are local, owner operated, and passionately committed… and looking forward to the next 38 years.


We survive one winter but wonder if we can survive a second one! No one runs in the winter in 1982, but they ski. We jump head long into the downhill ski business and triple our business in a season. Not a good idea! The Ski Shop at Aerobics First is born, and it is a sweet beginning.

We begin our famous Junior Ski Exchange, created by our ski floor manager Cathy Kerr Guest. Cathy grew up skiing and wanted to find a way to make skiing safe and affordable for other families. Thirty years later, we are still doing that.




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