Aerobics First is proud to be a leader in our local and international community. We champion and support many programs and initiatives that support marginalized communities and those in need.

Our active involvement in events and community outreach has been a priority since day one.


These are some of the initiatives and programs we are currently involved with:



Fit it Forward


Several years ago an idea emerged to assist those who were marginalized and struggling in life by providing quality footwear for better health, support and dignity.

Aerobics First of Halifax saw this need and their partner and Shoe Fitter Luke MacDonald joined Dr. Colin Van Zoost in creating AND supporting the #FitItForward campaign.

Soon Wolverine Worldwide, New Balance and other suppliers jumped on board to see that not only would this project be successful but that the very toughest cases would have the very best footwear.

Through working with agencies that help those who are homeless, facing poverty or barriers in life, people began getting fitted for new footwear.

From help with peripheral neuropathy to comfort, clients are now smiling and striding right across the province thanks to Aerobics First and their partners.

For any inquiries regarding our community support or fundraising please contact Luke Macdonald at