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Altra Men's Torin 7

Altra Men's Torin 7

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Color: 440

Experience unmatched comfort and performance with the Altra Men's Torin 7 running shoes. Designed for a natural running experience, the Torin 7 features Altra's signature zero-drop platform, promoting low-impact landings and improved running form. 

The EGO Max midsole foam offers a perfect balance of softness and responsiveness, providing a smooth and energetic ride. The spacious FootShape™ toe box allows your toes to splay naturally, offering a comfortable fit for wide feet or bunions. 

The redesigned tongue and molded heel collar ensure a secure and locked-in feel. With two additional millimeters of stack height, the Torin 7 delivers a cushier and softer experience compared to its predecessor. 

Ideal for neutral runners or those seeking a stable platform, the Altra Men's Torin 7 is the ultimate daily trainer for your runs and workouts. Elevate your running game and indulge in unparalleled comfort with the Torin 7.


 ALT AL0A82C4 M Torin 7

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