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Atomic BCT TOURING CARBON SQS Nordic Poles - Red/Grey

$179.00 CAD

BCT Touring Carbon SQS is one of Atomic’s top hybrid poles made with a combination of high-grade aluminum and carbon. This makes it robust, light and compact – all you need for touring. It’s telescopic with easy length adjustment (95cm-145cm) so you can match it to the gradient of your climb and has an extended EVA grip for comfortably holding the pole lower down. Atomic has also added SQS (Safety Quick Release System) that instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. And if you’re out night touring, the pole is also reflective.


Tech Features

  • Ergonomic M-Fit
  • SQS - Safety Quick Release System
  • Reflective Logoprints
  • Adjustable Length (Telescope with Power Lock) 95-145cm
  • Hybrid Pole Technology (6* Carbon & 5* Aluminium)
  • Ergonomic BCT Grip (EVA)
  • Touring Strap
  • Touring Basket (85mm)
  • Carbide Tip



ATOM AJ5005456 BCT Touring Carbon SQS Red/Grey