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Leki Airfoil 3D Ski Poles - Black/Lime

Leki Airfoil 3D Ski Poles - Black/Lime

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Fast, precise, perfect for tight turns and sporty curves – that’s how to sum up the Airfoil 3D. The new Trigger 3D system delivers superior control thanks to direct contact between glove and pole, easy to clip in and back out again, and a greater margin of safety owing to a smart three-dimensional release trigger which expands the release range fourfold. This top-of-the-range pole 14 mm in diameter is instantly recognisable from the shaft’s teardrop profile. This makes it particularly aerodynamic and supports its flexing properties. High-quality HTS 6.5 aluminium has been used for the shaft, making the pole light yet robust at the same time.



LEKI 65067952 Airfoil 3D Black/Lime

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