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Salomon Icon LT Access Ski Helmet - Black

Salomon Icon LT Access Ski Helmet - Black

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The stylish, low-profile helmet for women looking for all day comfort.

A low-profile, stylish helmet designed to fit women so well you instantly forget you are wearing it. It perfectly frames your goggles and offers outstanding protection without compromising your hearing. Put it on, turn the knob to fine-tune the fit and get out feeling comfortable and safe.


Safety and comfort

Built to combine the best safety technologies and easy-to-adapt comfort, this helmet is a comfortable, easy and safe choice for all your snow adventures.

Optimal comfort

The MaxFit construction located around the ear pads offers instant comfort and better-quality hearing, simply twist the Custom Dial knob and further fine-tune the tightness.

Stylish, performance inspired look

A low profile, perfect goggle integration and exciting color options make this helmet the perfect addition to your ski equipment, so you can feel good and look good in it.



SAL L41214200 Icon LT Access Black

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