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Salomon Driver Pro Sigma MIPS Ski Helmet - Black/Rose

Salomon Driver Pro Sigma MIPS Ski Helmet - Black/Rose

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Combining the best elements from visor helmets and typical helmet-goggles sets, Salomon’s Driver Pro Sigma Mips is all comfort, safety, and no fuss. The sleek, integrated visor feels like a pair of wide field of vision high-tech goggles, while Salomon’s 360° fit adjustment technology and premium safety features keep your head comfortable and safe.


More color contrast

The SIGMA™ magnetic lens amplifies color contrast, offers a minimally distorted and wide field of vision, is easy to switch, and fits perfectly when worn over optical glasses.

Optimal protection

This helmet relies on top-end impact protection technologies MIPS, Smart Safety and EPS4D to keep your head safe from both vertical and oblique shocks.

Instantly precise fit

The Custom Dial 360 easily and precisely adjusts the fit or your helmet to your head, while the MaxFit Construction and recycled comfort liner ensure perfect instant fit.



SAL L47011600 Driver Pro Sigma MIPS Blk Ro

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