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Salomon Women's S/Pro Alpha 80 Ski Boots

Salomon Women's S/Pro Alpha 80 Ski Boots

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Developed for women looking for a comfortable boot that instantly adapts to the shape of their feet, Salomon’s S/PRO ALPHA 80 W offers a new level of fit and performance. Featuring an instantly comfortable liner, this 98 mm boot delivers a strong heel lock without adding unnecessary pressure on your instep.


Easier instep

The thinner plastic and strategic positioning of the 2nd lower shell buckle put less pressure on the top of women's feet and make it easier to step in and out of your boots.

Outstanding foothold

The new 3D instep shell and 45° placement of the 2nd forefoot buckle are designed so women can enjoy a secure heel lock and consistent foothold no matter their instep height.

Personalizable fit

The CustomFit 3D liner automatically adjusts to the shape of every woman’s feet, prevents pressure points, and ensures a consistent foothold.



SAL L47046000 L S/Pro Alpha 80

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