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Salomon Junior Rio T Ski Goggles

Salomon Junior Rio T Ski Goggles

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Drawing on Salomon’s know-how in fit and vision, the Rio goggles combine the tried-and-tested benefits of our adult models, adapted to even the youngest riders. Designed to best fit 3-to-6-year-olds, these goggles have a small frame yet wide field of vision, Flash lens, flexible and durable frame, and exciting color options that kids want to wear.

Kid-friendly fit and comfort

With their small size, soft face foam and silicone inside the strap, these goggles easily adapt to even the youngest riders’ faces and stay in place no matter what they do.

More eye comfort

These goggles’ Flash lens reduces brightness and glare, so kids can enjoy great vision and comfort every time they are out enjoying the snow.


Made with durable and flexible materials that can withstand some inevitable rough handling, these goggles will deliver great vision and comfort all winter long.



SAL L472544 RIO T

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