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Salomon Stage GW 10 Bindings - Black

Salomon Stage GW 10 Bindings - Black

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One of the lightest DIN 10 flat bindings on the market, Salomon’s STAGE GW 10 is packed with performance and safety features. A user-friendly interface makes stepping into the binding a breeze, while the lightweight body makes it agile and easy to steer your skis in varying, all-mountain conditions.



Lightweight and agile

At just 860 g per binding, the STAGE GW 10 is one of the lightest DIN10 flat bindings on the market. It is agile and easy to ride even in the most unpredictable conditions.


The shorter mounting plates let the natural flex and the feel of the ski come through, so power is quickly transmitted between boot, binding, and ski for a smoother, more controlled ride.


The STAGE 10 offers a lower step-in threshold, making the binding easier to get into for lightweight skiers and in tricky powder conditions, without ever sacrificing safety.



SAL L47320500 Stage GW 10 Black

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