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Salomon Active Sling Belt - Tahitian Tide

Salomon Active Sling Belt - Tahitian Tide

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A versatile belt for your training essentials.

Ready for all your short outings, our ACTIVE SLING belt is ideal for carrying your running must-haves like phones, keys and gels, without weighing you down or getting in the way. Easy adjustments ensure maxi comfort and stability – whether you’re running home after work or exploring your local hills.

Easy Access

A zipped pocket for your essentials including phone, keys, gels and a soft flask of 250ml.

Precision Fit

Tailor to your waist with a buckle and easy adjustment system for optimal stability.

Minimalist Design

A simple design that’s easy to use and has just want you need – nothing else.



SAL LC2369300 Active Sling Belt Tahitian Tide

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